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The School and Staff

The Bath School of Shiatsu & Yoga was founded in the year 2000; the result of a wish to combine the powerful and mutually beneficial arts of Shiatsu and Yoga. Alongside drop-in yoga classes, the main focus of the school is a three-year professional Shiatsu training, leading to a nationally recognized qualification as a practitioner. During the shiatsu training, students are also taught a thorough grounding in Yoga techniques.

In order to maintain the highest standard of teaching and learning, the class size on the shiatsu training course is limited to fourteen. The course covers many areas of Oriental medicine, and more traditional Western anatomy, physiology, pathology and counselling skills, all supported by comprehensive notes, continuous assessment and exams. Because of the flexible nature of the course you are able to commit to as much of the training as you are comfortable with; completing one section and taking a break, or moving straight through the three years.


The School also offers:

  • private tuition in Shiatsu and Yoga

  • student supervision and practice classes

  • regular stress management workshops within the work environment

  • post graduate workshops


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Frank Davis MRSS(T)

founder and senior teacher


Having studied and taught Shiatsu since 1987, and Yoga since 1984, Frank is one of the most experienced teachers in the West Country. After studying with some the world's leading teachers, he was a senior teacher with the Bristol School of Shiatsu. Frank now lives in Bath where, as well as teaching Shiatsu, he maintains a busy shiatsu practise, and runs nine Yoga classes every week.

Well known for his ability to teach with aliveness, spontaneity and enthusiasm, Frank also has a deep knowledge of bodywork allowing his students to understand their own bodies and how they can work more effectively.

Here (on is a short video of Frank demonstrating some shiatsu techniques and the flow of a shiatsu treatment.


Heidi Armstrong MRSS (T)

Curriculum and course coordinator 

Heidi has been working with the Bath School of Shiatsu and Yoga starting as an assistant in 2003 then moving onto be a course tutor in 2006.  She has been a complementary therapist since 1994 finishes her Shiatsu training in 2001. She then went to specialise in maternity. She has done comprehensive teacher training and is trained as a clinical supervisor.  She also runs CPD courses in women healths and Chinese medicine for Reflexologists and massage therapists.

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