One of the oldest and most practiced forms of self-development, yoga is a very comprehensive system that also aims to balance and strengthen the body and the mind. Originating in India, and evolving as a way of relaxing the body to enable deeper meditation, a series of different postures (Asana) and breaths (Pranayama) were devised.

By using a mixture of the postures - which will vary depending on your flexibility - individually or in sequence, with some simple breathing techniques and patience, it is possible to work the whole of the body and mind, helping to create and maintain strength, flexibility, fluidity and softness. Because of the huge range of different postures, and because it doesn't matter how far you stretch, yoga is accessible to all ages and abilities.

As practicing even a little yoga brings many positive results, most people feel improvements to their posture and health almost immediately. Although our main focus is physical, in the Asanas and Pranayama, we will also look at the Chakras, and at diet.


Weekly yoga classes: All classes currently cancelled due to Covid 19. online classes now available  hope to see you online!

These are drop-in classes, so you don't need to book - just turn up!
Prices range from £6 to £10 (according to how long the class is), and there are concessions. 


Mon. 10.30 - 11.30am Central United Reformed Church, Grove Street, Bath.

Mon. 1pm - 1.45pm the Dojo, Team Bath's sports training complex

Tues. 10 - 11am Keynsham Baptist Church, High St. Keynsham

Wed. 12.30 - 1.20pm Central United Reformed Church, Grove Street, Bath.

Wed. 6.30 - 8pm St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Rd, Bath (near the Fire station).

Thurs. 1.15 - 2pm the Dojo, Team Bath's sports training village