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Shiatsu is a traditional form of bodywork originating from Japan. Based on the acupuncture energetic system, the aim in Shiatsu is to wake up and rebalance the body's natural flow of energy or ki. This is achieved through a combination of stretching, holding and gently manipulating the receiver's body, focusing on the classical meridians (energy channels) and acupressure points.

Shiatsu is a very adaptable treatment and can be used in various different positions depending on the individual needs of the client - who remains fully clothed. As the oriental belief is that all pain and disease are a reflection of the state of one's energy, shiatsu is very effective in treating most problems, whether they are structural - e.g. back, neck and knee problems - or emotional - e.g. depression, anxiety or stress.

For details of treatments available in the Bath area, please contact the school.

Alongside an understanding of energy, the study of Shiatsu covers Zen theory, the Five Elements, Acupressure points and Meridian systems (Classical and Masunaga), visual face and postural diagnosis, and an awareness of our own movement and posture.

The home page of the Shiatsu Society of Great Britain is here.

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