Shiatsu Courses & Classes 2021

Professional Shiatsu Training

Classes run throughout the year and are generally held at Still Point, in the centre of Bath, five minutes from the bus and train stations. The address is:


The Dojo
The Stone Yard
Old Orchard (off Walcot St)


All the teachers are qualified in their relevant fields, and although we will draw on a pool of knowledge, the aim is to offer continuity and support throughout the course. Many people undertake these courses as a professional training, however because of the personal growth and the satisfaction of discovering about others and ourselves, many students have just enjoyed the journey.


Courses this year

One-day introductory shiatsu and yoga workshops:

Come along to one of these sessions for an introduction to the practice of shiatsu. 
Next workshops: 

Saturday 11th September 10am - 5pm
Cost: £50.


Three-weekend Shiatsu foundation course

Learn to treat the whole body using gentle stretching, movement, pressure points and stillness. The course covers techniques in prone, supine and sitting positions, with an introduction to Ki, the meridian system and pressure points for common ailments. Yoga postures for general well being and pranayama. 
Next course dates: 

 September 11th 12th, October 2nd 3rd & 23rd 24th 
Cost: £390 for three weekends.


First year shiatsu training (10 weekends)

Immerse yourself in the world of Shiatsu, and deepen your knowledge of working with the energetic systems of the body. Learn to recognise tension in yourself and others using postural diagnosis and body language. 
Learn about Ki, the Five Elements, Pressure Points, body language, the Zang Fu and the classical meridian system, and how through using the simple art of Shiatsu we can enable a profound change in those around us and maintain a sense of well being in our selves. Also covering yoga postures for the whole body, breath and meditation techniques.  
Next course commences

 November 13th 14th  2021. 
Cost: £1550. includes (£150 for a lvl 3 online AP&P course which runs alongside the training)

Please contact us for more details. You can find us online at