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I have known Frank since 2003, when I first started learning Shiatsu. 

Frank is an amazing teacher. he holds a wonderful lightness and focus in class, yet I've also seen him 

meet  difficult moments in class with a heartful tenderness and clarity. 

His attention to detail has been invaluable to me and helped to really assimilate core teachings. 

As a practitioner,  his style of shiatsu is fluid dancelike, and deeply respectful, I feel can entrust my 

body to him in a treatment and let go.



I've been going to Frank's Yoga classes for a few years now. Lessons are relaxed and unpretentious 

but still effective(you know about it the next day!)

Unusually there is a pretty even mix of men and women and you don't need to book ahead or make 

block bookings.

I would definitely recommend Frank's lessons to anyone wanting to work on their flexibility in friendly 




The other thing I am a little bit in love with this week?
The wonderfully inspiring yoga class ran by Frank of Bath School of Shiatsu & Yoga
He amazingly manages to teach all levels at once whilst not pressuring you to do more than you are able, making everyone feel like they are getting personal attention at every stage, and, reassuringly makes it okay to look silly and laugh.
Not an easy thing to do at all.
He is also on my highly underrated attribute of being a nice guy list.



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